What is a vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wrapping is the best option on the market for a non-permanent colour change. It is an adhesive based vinyl that can be removed at any time to restore the vehicle to its original colour. Many people want to change the colour of their vehicle without lowering the value with a permanent paint job. Wrapping can also provide colours, finishes, and designs that would be extremely expensive to replicate with paint.

How much of my vehicle will be wrapped?

We offer two different options on our color change vehicle wraps.


A shell wrap is wrapping all the exterior original paint visible from the outside. We may remove bumpers, handles, emblems, mirrors & trims before wrapping to achieve a seamless clean look. A shell wrap works best when the vehicle is similar in color value to the wrap material. In example, a darker vehicle would look best with a dark color wrap material.

This process can include mirrors, door handles, hood, roof, doors, sides, fenders, and bumpers.
* Depending on vehicle, please contact us to confirm.


A full wrap, is wrapping all the exterior original paint visible from the outside, as well as the inside door jambs, and inside of doors. Before wrapping we remove all bumpers, flares, emblems, door handles, lights, mirrors, trims, rubber seals, antennas, doors & hinges, hood, and trunk.
This process takes more time to prep and reassemble, however the look achieved is seamless and comparable to a full painted finish.

This process can include mirrors, door handles, hood, roof, doors, jambs, trims, sides, fenders, and bumpers.
* Depending on vehicle, please contact us to confirm.

Who will be installing my wrap?

It is important to know who will be installing your wrap and that they are properly trained and certified.

Unfortunately, there is no formal training required to be a vinyl wrap installer and it takes years of experience to understand the properties of different vinyls and application techniques to produce durable installs. There is also a big difference in techniques and coverage styles between sign shop installers and shops that specialize in colour change wraps. So during your search for a wrap shop make sure you know exactly who will be installing your wrap, what they specialize in, what their experience is, and proof of their credentials.

Our installers at TNT Customs & Dirty Bird Wraps, have a combined 15+ years of wrapping knowledge, and are currently Arlon Wrap Graphic certified. We continue to refine and grow our skills, and plan to be 3M as well as Avery Wrap certification in the future.

Is a wrap better than paint?

Vinyl wrap is NOT an alternative to paint, we feel this is important to stress as one is not better than the other. A wrap and a paint job are two completely different products that each have their own purposes. Paint is beneficial for repairs or a long-term permanent change. Whereas a wrap is designed to provide a unique way to temporarily customize your vehicle in a way that can be reversed and actually helps protect the paint in the meantime.

In terms of price, a good wrap will be relatively less expensive than a good paint job. One thing they may have in common the most is that you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind when considering your options.

What is the difference between vinyl brands?

Quality, quality, and quality; not all vinyl is made equally. Some of the differences include adhesive strength, safe stretch distance, removal time, and durability. These will have an impact on installation and removal costs, turn around time, overall quality, and longevity of your wrap. When selecting a wrap it’s highly recommended to invest in a quality, reputable brand opposed to cheaper materials that could end up costing you more in the long run.

We recommend and warranty installation of the following brands; Avery, 3M, Arlon, and Hexis.

How long does a wrap last?

The technical life of a professionally installed wrap is between 3-5 years when using premium vinyls. Although in many cases, with proper care, wraps can look great for much longer than this. The biggest factor that effects the durability of a wrap is its exposure to direct sunlight and contaminants which can affect the life of the wrap. Maintaining and caring for your wrap with frequent washes using safe methods will make sure your wrap lasts as long as possible.

How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

The cost depends on many factors including size and difficulty of the vehicle. Price also varies by colour, for the most part gloss, satin, matte, and metallic wraps are all the same but films such as carbon fiber, brushed, colour shifts, and chrome will increase material and installation costs. Keep in mind each vehicle is unique and our aim is to provide high-quality work; we do not sacrifice quality for cost. It is best to contact us for a comprehensive quote for your vehicle, or stop by our shop for a walk through.

Why does the colour of my vehicle matter?

Colours such as red/yellow/white are bright colours, this means we have to take the vinyl deeper into recessed areas so you don't see the original colour upon completion. For example, if you have a red vehicle that you want wrapped matte black, the red under the hood and many other areas may still be visible and look unfinished. These areas are usually not normally wrapped and require much more labour to finish properly.

How do I take care of my wrap?

The best way to care for a wrap is with frequent hand washes to keep the surface clean and free of contaminates. Maintaining a clean surface can significantly help extend the life of the wrap. Buffing or the use of any chemicals are not necessary. Along with hand washes and spot cleaning we do recommend aftercare products which we can supply, for your matte, gloss, etc, vinyl finish.

Does my wrap come with any warranty?

Premium wrap films are warrantied by the manufacturers against any fading or material failures. The lifespan varies depending on the film finish and manufacturer. Installation of our wraps are warrantied for the installation itself for one year. This means any lifting or peeling. Keep in mind, a wrap is not a replacement to paint. It is a temporary alternative with a life expectancy. Graphics wear from the elements over time but with a professional installation and proper aftercare should last for many years.

Note: stone chips, scratches, road damage, scuffs, and tampering are not covered by any warranty.